Angel Consulting

Angel Consulting SAS is a company founded in the year 2000 based in Milano and Genoa which main activity is given by advising on Regulatory Compliance in fields of Health and Wellbeing and Safety Assessments and Good Manufacturing Practice. The structure is given by the CEO, Dr. Matteo Zanotti Russo (founder and co-owner) and COO, Dr. Francesca Bruzzone (co-owner), both of them have a scientific background (respectively Industrial Chemistry and Biology). They coordinate a team of employees (actually 9), all of them are graduated in different scientific disciplines (Chemistry, Biology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Law) and were selected and trained by the co-owners: most of them can claim more than 10 year of experience in the field of research and safety assessment. Angel Consulting SAS works with several Companies in field of cosmetics and medical devices. Since the year 2002 Angel Consulting works in partnership with the Italian Cosmetic Companies Association (Cosmetica Italia, previously called Unipro) as they are in charge for Regulatory advising, Teaching act training courses, auditing and Safety Assessments. Angel Consulting works also in partnership with associations, institutions and trade offices in Russia, Brazil and Israel.
The CEO and two of their employees are lecturers in several Universities (Genoa, Siena, Rome and Tel Aviv). Angel Consulting has frame programs and cooperation agreements with several Universities: Rome- Tor Vergata, Genoa, Siena, Tel Aviv.

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  • Collection of materials portfolio and design of hypothesis
  • Nanomaterial p-chem identification and information gathering
  • Identifying and quantifying release during all stages of their life-cycle
  • Fate in biological and environmental relevant matrices
  • Risk assessment and definition of product safety requirements
  • Regulatory and standardization issues to be covered as part of ASINA SMM
  • Roadmap outlining ASINA SMM contents
  • Training: Task Leader