ASINA Webinar on Value Chain 2

Description and regulatory context

About the Webinar

The first webinar will talk about the development of cosmetic products containing nanomaterials and their critical issues. It will focus on the Value Chain 2 on “Nanostructured capsules delivering active phases in cosmetics”.

This webinar has been though to provide an overview of the value chain 2 regarding the use of nanomaterials in cosmetic products. In fact different nano technologies developed through the Asina Safe-by-Design approach have been included in different cosmetic formulation. The aim of this webinar is to show a real case study focusing on the specific need of the cosmetic sector both from technical point of view and regulatory point of view.

When: 25 September 2023 | 14:00 – 16:00 (TIME-CET)
Where: Online

  • Ivonne Tonani Tomasoni – Red of View (Cosmetic Manufacturer)
  • Matteo Zanotti Russo– Angel Consulting (Consultancy in cosmetic regulatory affairs)

Two products identified:

Antiaging skin care cream

Antioxidant molecules enclosed into a polymeric capsule within a cosmetic cream.

Antibacterial hand cream
  • Essential oil (spanish oregano) enclosed into a polymeric capsule within a cosmetic cream.
  • Granulated powder containing nano-silver dispersed in hydroxylethylcellulose matrix.