Project Hub

Project is a private owned SME funded in 2005 which benefits from the contribution of skilled and experienced professionals in different fields related to science, technology and communication. PRJ has strict connections to other manufacturing companies able to offer joint solutions for production
and processing. Project strategy is based on integration, sharing and partnership-based collaboration. Project offers scientific and technological consultancy, projects design and development, research & development and technological transfer, training and communication, technical brokerage. PRJ has an assessed experience in the participation to European and Regional projects. Specific activities related to Life Cycle Assessment have been carried out in the field of nanotechnology, composite materials, surface treatment and functionalisation, micro-nano manipulation and assembly. Principal fields of expertise: data analysis and design of experiment (DoE), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Costing (LCC) to evaluate and monitor the environmental burden and prove the economical sustainability of product and processes (specific experience in: surface processing, assembly and machining lines analysis); Consultancy in the field of plasma and nanotechnology in particular in the field of coating and surface treatment; Servicing for marketing and communication with specific experience in green marketing, environmental communication, business plans for innovative processes and product.

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  • Contribution to the assessment of the environmental impact and economic sustainability of the addressed nano-enabled solutions through their life cycle through the LCA and LCC methodologies.
  • Development of Design of Experiment Plans finalised to the acquisition of relevant data to qualify the nano-enabled solution and to quantify the properties of concern to characterise the design cases starting from the discrete data set of characterising parameters.
  • Contribution to the development of ASINA-DB and application of the multi dimensional analysis (MDA) to derive the response functions related to the properties of concern.
  • Application of the Multi Criteria Decision Model and development of the industrial product designers support tool to implement the ASINA Expert System (ASINA-ES) aimed at identifying the SbD solutions that better comply with the design requirements.