University of Limerick

University of Limerick (UNILI) is one of the leading universities in Ireland and has an excellent track record of attracting national, European and industrial funding for research. The Bernal Institute within UNILI comprises over 300 researchers active in materials and surface science research with a strong focus on microscopic, nanoscopic and spectroscopic characterisation of materials important for health, energy, transport, clean technology and manufacturing. In recent years, UNILI has received national funding over €40 M to continue as a national facility for state-of-the-art materials and surface characterisation. UNILI is a partner of CURAM, the Science Foundation Ireland National Centre for Biomedical Devices.
The UNILI team in ASINA has a strong track record of using state of the art characterization techniques and developing cutting edge and innovative techniques of characterization of materials, surface and interface, drug-device combinations, and molecular biology/protein biochemistry. UNILI coordinated LANIR (, super-resolution label-free nanoscopy), BioElectricSurface (, design and implementation of nano-bio interface for commercial application). It has also been a partner in FP7 project Sanowork and Sun that address nanomaterials safety and regulation. The team is currently involved in two H2020 projects M3DLoC (Additive manufacturing point of care lab on a chip bioMEMS for in vitro diagnoses) and OYSTER (standardizing nanomechanics and soft/hard nanoscale interface properties within an open innovation environment).

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Leader Task 1.2 – Nanomaterial p-chem identification and information gathering

UNILI will also provide expert input on nanomaterials characterization expertise in implementing tasks related to data curation and machine learning in WP4.