14 April 2022

On 6th and 7th April 2022, a sunny Faenza hosted ASINA’s international consortium for the Month 24 general assembly meeting. For the first time since start of project, 32 partners gathered in presence at the Romagna Tech premises, while additional 30 partners participated remotely online.

Results from the first two years of ASINA are exciting: studies on materials analysis, nanotoxicology, exposure and environmntal assessment, as well as recycling strategies, are giving providing an impressive amount of data for the development of the ASINA decision support tool.

ASINA is focusing on the analysis of real industrial case studies – such as production of antimicrobial nanoparticles for textiles (coats, masks), antimicrobial coatings for air purifiers, polymeric nanocapsules for the delivery of cosmetic active ingredients – but will be extended to potentially all manufacturing processes where nano-enabled functions gives an advantage. The final aim is to provide industry, regulators and policy makers with an useful tool that allows to develop nano-enabled products which are sustainable and safer-by-design, at the same time decreasing cost and development time and increasing industrial competitiveness.

Find below some pictures of the event!