03 September 2021

On September 24th, 2021, at 11:00 am, ASINA project partner Red of View will participate to the workshop “Safe by Design of nanomaterials in industrial production processes” organized by our cluster project SbD4Nano, in collaboration with AIRI, at NanoInnovation 2021. The symposia will highlight practical approaches for risk prevention and safety management in laboratories and production sites using nanomaterials, on the basis of a Safe by Design (SbD) approach, integrating safety since the early stages of product and process development. SbD is a cornerstone of current and future R&I policies in Europe for the development, production and use of chemicals, materials and products. As set in the recent EU Chemical Strategy for Sustainability, specific SbD and sustainability criteria will be developed and used to facilitate access of safe innovations to funding opportunities and to the market. Nanomaterials provide an exemplar of initial implementation of SbD. The symposia will discuss approaches and experiences from research organizations and companies in implementing SbD in development and production processes of nanomaterials and nano-related products. Key questions addressed in the symposia will include: How to put SbD in practice in industrial processes? What do innovators need from the (safety) research community (i.e., data, guidelines, training, tools, etc.)? What tools may help innovators in the application of SbD procedures (i.e., designing, implementing, testing, regulations, etc.)?

The symposia its open to both innovators and risk managers in research organizations, companies, institutions and other organizations active and interested on the safety and sustainability of nano-related products. Contributions will be given by the EU projects SbD4Nano, ASINA, SAbyNA, SABYDOMA and Gov4Nano.

ASINA project partner Red Of View will be present at the event with a presentation entitled “Nanostructured capsules delivering active phases in cosmetics”. Here you can find the program of the event:

  • Andrea PORCARI

Airi & Gov4Nano project | Needs and initiatives for risk governance and Safe by Design approaches for nanomaterials


Temasol AG and Gov4Nano project | Implementation of Safe by Design: Lessons learnt from the Nanotechnology sector

  • Lorenzo CALABRI

ART-ER and SbD4Nano project | The SbD4Nano case studies structure, and path way to support SMEs

  • Stefano MANFREDINI e Silvia VERTUANI

Ambrosialab Srl, University of Ferrara and SbD4Nano project | The use of nanomaterials and Safe by Design approaches in the cosmetic sector


Red of View Srl and ASINA project | Nanostructured capsules delivering active phases in cosmetics

  • Brain-storming session: needs, tools and practices for Safe by Design implementation in companies

More info and registration on NanoInnovation 2021 website: Click HERE >>