19 May 2021

ASINA project participated to EuroNanoForum 2021. The event, that was held online on 5-6 May 2021, gathered a total of 3640 participants from over 140 countries, providing thousands of opportunities for networking and collaboration through almost 200 scientific posters, 17 exhibitors, five satellite events, and several hours of sessions about topics that the European Nanotechnology community is now even more empowered to intervene upon. ASINA project poster was shown at NMBP-15 booth, a booth that put together all the projects started in 2020 and funded under the same topic. Click HERE for more info about ASINA networking activity!

Last, but not least, ASINA participated to the workshop entitled “The delivery/usability of S(S)bD for science, regulators and the industry”, organised by the NanoSafey Cluster: for the occasion, the Project Coordinator, Anna Luisa Costa, participated with a short presentation video of the project. Watch the video below!