14 February 2022

ASINA project suggests to all its users to participate to a very special event: Latin American and Caribbean and European Union Young Scientists’ Networks Days, which will be held from 14 to 18 March 2022 in virtual format.

The EU-LAC Young Scientists’ Networks Days are inviting for the event representatives of networks and groups of young European, Latin American, and Caribbean scientists who are pursuing a PhD, or are engaged as junior researchers, whose field of study is relevant to Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean, or to the bi-regional partnership itself.

The meeting offers them a space for:

-the articulation of their concerns, ideas, and perspectives on the EU-CELAC Common Area of Higher Education and bi-regional cooperation in Science, Technology, and Innovation;

-the elaboration of proposals and inputs for dialogue with universities

-the improvement of their visibility and the strengthening of their networks.

PAY ATTENTION: Until 20 February 2022, those interested in participating in the EU-LAC Young Scientists’ Networks Days should submit their statements of interest and proposals to participate in the Conference and the selection results will be communicated on 25 February 2022 only to pre-registered applicants whose proposals have been selected.

For more requirements and modalities for participation click here >>