Being ASINA mission to use a bottom up approach to the development of SbD products, ASINA first step has been the definition of real cases study from the two value chains (VC) of the project:

  • VC1 Antimicrobial / depolluting coatings
  • VC2 Nanostructured capsules delivering active phases in cosmetics

Asina-application-antimicrobial skincare-ASINA-project

ASINA companies have been enquired to have information about their needs and problems encounter during the productions of nano-enabled products. For VC1 three products have been identified: photocatalytic filters, photocatalytic illumination system and coated textiles, while for VC2, anti-aging and antimicrobial creams are the actual cases studies.

For all these cases study ASINA partners are investigating technical functions as well as the existence of ranges of acceptability, such as safety: life fate of nanomaterials, their potential impacts on human and environmental health; performances and in some case the chance of nanomaterial regeneration (VC1) or in other cases their compatibility with other components within cosmetic formulations (VC2); life-cycle impacts and cost evaluations.

Furthermore, ASINA puts in place a platform of test beds and pilot plants available within ASINA industrial and academic partners, to produce nanomaterials and nano-enabled products, matching safety and sustainability by design criteria. Core technologies available in ASINA partners’ facilities (spray coating, screen printing, dip coating and dip padding, spray freeze drying) will be adapted and dedicated to the production of ASINA nano-enabled products (NEPs), providing the physical accessibility to life-cycle scenarios for optimisation trials, prior to the scale-up and validation within ASINA pilot plants.