20 January 2021

The H2020 projects SAbyNA & SbD4Nano are joining forces to address nanotechnology value chain needs. The two safe-by-design projects have developed a questionnaire with the aim of identifying the needs and current barriers for SbD implementation across the nanotechnology value chain. The responses will be record anonymously but you have time only until 15 February 2021 to answer so… Have your say!




Funded under the H2020 EU Research and Innovation programme, the projects aim to provide resources to industry and different stakeholders to promote Safe-by-Design (SbD) approaches in nanotechnology and its supply chains.

The SAbyNA project aims to design a decision support platform that will support industry to implement SbD strategies when developing a nanoform, products containing nanoforms or their related processes.

The SbD4Nano project aims to develop a novel e-infrastructure that will support the definition, performance testing and implementation of SbD approaches throughout the nanotechnology supply chains.